Child Safety at Home – Is Your Child Safe? Peace of Mind For Parents and Grandparents

Over 1 million children under the age of 15 are taken to Accident and Emergency Units in the UK each year after an accident in the home or garden. Many more are treated by General Practitioners and by parents and carers. Those most at risk from a home accident are the 0-4 years age group. Falls account for the majority of non-fatal accidents whilst the highest number of deaths are due to fire. Most of these accidents are preventable through increased awareness and vigilance, improvements in the home environment and the use of appropriate safety products.

So what can we do to keep our kids safe in their homes?

Some rough and tumble is an essential part of childhood play and of learning so don’t get too protective or over-anxious. However, some basic safety precautions do need to be in place if children are to feel safe enough to explore, have fun and thrive in the home environment.

Firstly, get your home fitted with smoke alarms. This is absolutely vital for everyone and there is no excuse for not doing it. Local services may vary but in my area of Yorkshire the local fire service will come and fit as many fire alarms as needed in appropriate places in the homes of anyone who asks – all free of charge. There is no mess and batteries last for many years. Ring your local Fire Officer and find out what can be done in your area. Similarly, carbon monoxide alarms are an essential part of safety in the home – these are even easier as they don’t need fixing to the wall at all – ours sits on top of our kitchen wall unit. These are available from Mothercare and from DIY shops.

You may also need:

Stairgates – if you have stairs then you need a stairgate at the top and bottom plus safety gates in other key places depending on your floor layout, for example you may want to fix a gate across the kitchen doorway. Prices start at about £20 depending on fittings and some have extensions for wider gaps.
A Fire Guard is a must if you have an open fire or one that is gas or electric. These are available in a variety of styles and sizes from about £20, some special offers on now, don’t leave it until next winter to provide what is needed.
A Baby Monitor provides parents with reassurance when the baby is asleep – these vary in price as some have sophisticated extras. Use will depend on where baby sleeps in relation to where his carers are during the evening.
Bed Guards are to prevent children from falling out of bed – these are offered in attractive colours and will fold outwards or downwards when not in use. They can be purchased in pairs if there are two exposed sides to the bed or singly if the bed is against a wall.
Electric Socket Guards to prevent tiny fingers from poking in sockets.
A selection of gadgets to fasten bookcases and cupboards to the wall so they don’t topple when little ones start pulling themselves upright.
Window Fasteners to stop little ones opening the windows wide enough to climb out.
Cooker Guards to prevent children from pulling hot pans down.
Kitchen Cupboard and Fridge Locks to keep knives, bleach and other dangers from little fingers.
Corner Cushions to cover those sharp corners on the edge of furniture.

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Grandparents Custody – 4 Reasons Joint Custody Between Parent and Grandparent Often Happens

raised in the homes of their grandparents. Some grandparents are held in limbo as to what to do because they do not know their rights or may not think they have any.Grandparents visitation rights and grandparents rights must be addressed. Every state has different laws but most states are starting to have to face the fact that grandparents are being put back into a parenting role to help keep their grandchildren safe. I am sure that there are times when parents forbid grandparents visitation to see there grandchildren form other personal reasons but that is not what I am addressing here. I am addressing children who may not be being feed properly or left alone for long periods of time due to different problems with the parents.If grandparents visitation rights are with held how are the grandparents to know if these children are alright. I am gonna list a few of the things that I know about and that other grandparents have shared with me that has lead to them either having custody or contemplating having to take custody of their grandchildren.

1. Drugs Abuse :D rug abuse has been a growing problem in our society for a number of years. When most people that I know have used drugs they loose touch with reality and the drugs are the most important thing in their lives. They may love their children but they began to get pushed to the backside of whats important.

2. Rehab:When a person finally seeks help and goes into rehab someone has to try to maintain their household while they are in rehab so they have a place to return to. Their children,your grandchildren have to have a place to stay. This is assuming that both parents have a problem and most of the time this is the case but not always. Grandparents visitations rights are so important to the safety of children of such situations.

3. Financial:Have you ever noticed that when drugs are involved financial problems appear because people on drugs tend to spend their money on drugs. They may even forget to keep food in the house. Just because they are on something that keeps them from being hungry they forget that their children are still hungry. It seems that all the money is spent on more drugs. I have honestly went to check on my grandchildren when they had not eaten for a long period of time and their parents in bed asleep in the middle of the day. Small children left up alone to take care of themselves.

4. Jail: If rehab does not work then the next stop is jail. Our jails are over full with people that have been arrested for either using or selling drugs. Some for stealing for money to buy drugs. It is a terrible circle of events. some even end up in jail or prison more than once and your grandchildren will have to stay somewhere and do you want them in foster care. Most grandparents love there grandchildren and are willing to keep them so they can be with people they love.

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